PTC Enterprises Inc is a social business enterprise and consulting partner that works with individuals and organizations to improve performance and mindset. We specialize in developing relationships, managing projects, creating synergy, and influencing pro-social outcomes. Please read about our 3C's approach..


Coaching- Our work together centers around setting and achieving goals. As a coach, we actively participate in your business and can work directly with your staff, customers, and strategic partners.


CounselingOur time is focused on recognizing and solving problems, and talking through issues that affect your business and performance. Rather than actively participating in business, we meet outside of your business. Our time together is intended to sharpen your tools to improve your own outcomes.


ConsultationTime is structured and our work is focused on specific projects or roles.  We strategize, plan, and  execute project work inside your organization or through an approved vendor. We also offer vendor selection and management services and expertise in strategic interviewing.

Business Therapy - Healthcare Optimization - Personal Financial Management - Community Development - Special Projects

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"We had no idea Paul was a consultant until the day he announced his contract was expiring! He jumped right in and made such a meaningful presence and impact on us all. As project sponsors, we were so impressed with his ability to get people collaborating and drive change in a change resistent environment while satisfing executive leadership across multiple silos."

Northwell Health, NY

"Paul effectively bridged the gap between IT and clinical end users..we worked well together and found ways to improve the new EHR system while meeting company business objectives and satisfying state and federal regulations for patient privacy and Medicaid data collection."

Bridgeway Rehabilitation Services, NJ

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