Current Partners

Venn Health Partners - Plainfield, NJ

  • Venn Health Partners is an IT healthcare consulting group focused on clinical and revenue cycle optimizations, system implementations, and application integration. Venn Health Partners is looking to expand and create a footprint the southeast.


EveryDay Checks and Balances - Southern Pines, NC

  • EDCNB is a personal finance management company for individuals and families that leverages cloud technology and SharePoint for workflow and document management and offers clients secure access to financial information.


Crandon Lakes Country Club - Crandon Lakes, NJ

  • CLCC is a local nonprofit that manages community dues and finances the road department and lake maintenance. The accounting office recently migrated data to a new accounting platform  and were able to collect seven years of owed dues from the community.


Discount Med Company - Saint Petersburg, FL

  • Discount Med Company is a medication mail order business that seeks to reduce out of pocket medication expenses for its customers. The company is looking to improve technology infrastructure, increase profit margins, improve perceived value of service, and identify opportunities for process improvement.




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